Grading / Condition of Coins

Proof (PF) Issues that are of restricted quantity and quality above that of coins intended for circulation. Double-struck on mirror-finish coin blank, generally with frosted designs.

Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) Highest quality production-run issues minted for circulation with blazing original and exceptional mint luster, no trace of wear and virtually no bag marks.

Uncirculated (UNC) Coins that are in the condition as minted without any signs of circulation but may have traces of bag marks.

About Uncirculated (AU) Original mint luster with traces of wear at the highest points. Very minimal scratches and other very fine marks due to handling.

Extremely Fine (EF) All design details sharp, light wear at highest points. Minimal scratches and other marks. Usually some of the mint luster is visible on coins of this grade.

Very Fine (VF) Generally light wear at the point of design, moderate wear at high points. Details relatively still remain sharp overall.

Fine (F) Moderate even wear, bold entire design with some weaknesses. Details may remain visible, some minor nicks and scratches may be expected.

Very Good (VG) Well and considerable wear. Bold major designs and absence of fine detailing. Stained or have scratches and nicks etc.

Good (G) Heavily worn. Major designs visible, but with faintness in areas.