General Tips for Beginners

Collect for fun and enjoy doing it. If you are a beginner, do not collect as an investment or for profit. Just buy or collect banknotes and coins that you like and enjoy doing it!

Planning the type of collection you want to have. Some people only collect banknotes which contain certain images or assortments. Others strive to obtain collection of currencies from countries which no longer exist (USSR etc.) Some focus on one single country while others try to collect from every country. It’s all up to you and your interest. The variety of banknotes and coins out there is so vast that there is bound to be some category you may be interested in.

Tell everyone you know that you are a collector. Friends and family members will give you extra pieces that they have collected from trips to foreign countries. Some people may have friends or relatives from other countries coming to visit who will bring the respective banknotes from their country in exchange for the local currency when they arrive. You’ll never get anything if you don’t ask, it’s always worth asking.

Always start looking in low denominations or go for inexpensive items. Rule of thumb – think big but always start small. Your collection is bound to grow over time.

Always try to collect in UNC condition. In many cases, a banknote that is in less than uncirculated condition will never be worth more than the face value. The colors on an uncirculated note is usually more vibrant and the artwork is ‘crisp’ and easier to discern. However, for older notes, they are often found in various degrees of circulated condition. In this case, it is recommended to only buy notes which are visually pleasing.